With years of experience at our disposal, whether you are looking for us to recreate a past commission or you are interested in getting us to build that one that you have always wanted, we would be happy to meet your needs.


We start with your request - you let us know what that one piece is that you have always pictured to be a part of your life.

At that point our team will begin the research process. We look into every detail to make sure that the replica that we produce has the look, feel and functions as close to the intended piece as possible. During this process we start the engineering and design. This portion is on going and evolving through out the entire build.

Once we have a game plan worked out and the engineering and designing on paper we then start procurement and sourcing of all the various materials that will be needed for the project. This also is where we get a better time line on the project.

Now that we have materials rolling in we head to the shop to start the fabrication. This is the fun part. We get to see the drawings and ideas come to life. It is by far the longest and most strenuous portion of the process but the pay off is worth it.

Once the piece is finished and has gone through quality control and passes, we get it boxed up and shipped out to you.