Welcome to ADAMENTIUM Studios.

      ADAMENTIUM Studios was founded on the premise of bringing Hollywood magic to life.

      On screen magic is sometimes just that - magic. Armour, helmets and all sorts of other props are made to look like real materials but more often than not they are painted plastic. They are made to move or transform but it is accomplished by the use of multiple units, and camera tricks, using scene changes and quick cuts to give the illusion of transformation or movement.

      At ADAMENTIUM Studios we strive to create commissioned products that are as accurate as possible to the on screen versions. We research and recreate the feel and movement with authentic materials.

      Check out our gallery of  some of the many commission requests we have done for clients, or contact us to have your own "must-have" piece brought to life.



Our mission is to bring the Movies,
TV, and Comics to life.